Saturday, September 24, 2011

Massage a little too touchy feely?

Us Brits are not touchy, feely types of people, we are far too stoic to have people hug us or touch us. When I first came to the USA I was shocked by all the people that I hardly know wanting to give me a hug. As they leaned in towards me my brain was thinking "aaaaghhhhhhh they are touching me and what if I have BO" or even worse "they have BO".

I had my first massage when I was 35. The thought of having someone put their hands on me when I had no control made me feel way too uncomfortable. But being pregnant and having awful sciatica, I decided to give it a go and anyway some very good friends bought me a pre-natal massage. I remember feeling really nervous about it, I walked into the most gorgeous little tucked away Day Spa and filled out my forms. They directed me to the lounge for my cucumber water or tea and "Jamie" came to greet me. She took me to this dark little room which smelt like lavender and had calming music playing into the room.

After discussing what was going on with my back Jamie told me I could get undressed and get onto the bed and under the blanket. She disappeared out of the room to give me some privacy. That was when I started to have that age old debate with the other woman inside my head. "Am I supposed to be completely naked"? The sane part of me said "yes" and the insane part of me said "no I can just take my bra off and leave my pants on", (not trousers for you Americans). This debate with myself went on for far too long and all of a sudden I could hear Jaime coming back. I jumped under those covers as fast as a 6 month pregnant woman could and pretended I had been lying there for ever - with my underwear on. Seriously what was I thinking? I have to say that first massage was just OK partly because it took me at least half an hour to relax and anytime her hands got near my sciatic nerve I was pretty much jumping off the table.

Fast forward almost 7 years. These days I would do anything to get a massage. I whip my underwear off and jump under that blanket so quickly that my brain doesn't have a moment to debate. That's what happens when you have 2 kids, a lot of your prudishness goes out the window and the thought of doing something for me that is actually relaxing is just the icing on the cake. Yesterday I went for my first massage over the last 2 years. What is it about massage, when you have those knots that need to be worked out and it kinda hurts as they knead them but its also kind of good? I still see Jaime, she's got to hear what has happened over the last 7 years, I know about her dog, her other job and she has had to listen to my stories of births and life as a mother. For me now, if I could I would have a massage every day. If I ever become rich and famous I would forgo the huge house and thousands of money spent on clothes if I could get a massage every day. My new point of view is "Sod the Brit thing and bring on the touchy feely therapists!"

Friday, September 9, 2011

Its been a while

Almost a year has gone by since I last posted. To much to tell I've had some ups and downs as we all have. I am still driving 50 miles to the school but have found a part time job which allows me to do kindergarten hours (my son has just started).

I was hoping that my first post back after my hiatus would be a funny one as I have a few funny things that have happened. But unfortunately I heard today that Anna a long time blogger friend lost her son in the recent floods in Virginia and I feel for her so strongly. Any loss is tragic but as a parent, for those of us who are, we cannot fathom losing a child before we go ourselves. So Anna I am thinking about you as so many of us are and I am sending everything I have across these airwaves to help give you any tiny bit of strength I can. I am so sorry.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I have to drive 100 miles a day to take my daughter to school

I lost my job yesterday and yes of course I am sad, its been a job I have really enjoyed for the last 18 months. I am grateful for the experience I have had over the last 18 months but working for a start up has complications - like MONEY! I took a huge pay cut to work for them and the reason I lost my job is the company is running out of money not because I did a poopy job!

How does this affect my life.
  1. I now have to drive 100 miles to take my daughter to school. I had managed to get her an inter-district transfer to a school around the corner from my job, which is 25 miles away from my home. I don't want to transfer her back to my district as on a scale of 1-100 my local school ranks 19/100 and the school my daughter is in ranks 87/100 in the State of California. So the outcome is I now have to do 2 round trips of 50 miles to take and pick up my daughter from school.
  2. My son who has been going to Pre-K has to be withdrawn. I am going to try to keep him in 3 half days a week for at least 2 months BUT that means I have to find $400 per month to pay for it. If I don't find anything soon I will have to withdraw him completely which will be so frustrating as he LOVES Pre-K plus the last 2 months he has learnt so much. It has given him the structure he needs.
  3. Of course for me - I have 2 feelings about the loss of my job. I do get to spend more time with my kids BUT I really liked the job and the responsibilities and adult time that went with that.
  4. The upgrade of our house is off and therefore the move is off!
  5. I also feel sad for the other colleagues that have lost their job.
You always think you have control of your life but unfortunately other people have some of the biggest affects on us.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Seriously you couldn't choose another name

Last night I was laying in bed playing a word game online on my phone (I know sad right)! It's like the game boggle and you can play with other online users. Someone came online yesterday and her name was "camel tow"! Seriously why would you have that as your screen name, I understand you change "toe" to "tow" but really?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Body Fat

Why is it little ones with no body fat can stay in the ocean in just their swimsuits for hours, while I with plenty of body fat need a wetsuit?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

10 things I learnt about New York City

I know I have been absent for the last 2 months. Life has had some challenges recently and one of which is getting enough time to get to my computer. I was invited to go to NYC for work this week to meet a load of journalists to show them the new product line. Having only been to JFK before I was excited to get some time in New York and these are the to 10 Things I learnt about New York!
  1. Apparently all NYC taxi drivers are from another country but they know NYC like the back of their hands.
  2. NYC taxi drivers go from 0-60 in-between traffic lights.
  3. Women of NYC seem to be all wearing a minimum of 5 inch heels.
  4. I have never seen so many police in such concentration standing around talking to each other all day every day.
  5. The World Trade Center memorial is just as overwhelming today as it was the week of 9/11.
  6. All the New Yorkers were really friendly.
  7. Black sedans charge double the price of yellow cabs.
  8. I was weirdly waiting for a plane to land on the Hudson.
  9. Orson from Desperate Housewives and Dave Chappell were hanging out at the Standard Hotel.
  10. Oh and for the future for me do not go and visit a fashion journalist with your sunglasses caught in your hair looking a little like Ugly Betty!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Save Flipper!

I don't know if any of you saw Oprah last week on Earth day but I felt physically sick at what was going on in Japan with the slaughter of all those dolphins. The Japanese allow 19,000 dolphins to be slaughtered every year something which came to the attention of Ric O'Barry, the man behind the Oscar winning film "the Cove" and the trainer of Flipper from the television series. On Oprah he stated training Flipper was the worst thing he ever did because it brought to the World this friendly, cuddly dolphin. Before Flipper there were only 3 oceanariums around the World that had dolphins now most of them have dolphins. Everyone wants to swim, kiss, touch dolphins. "The cove" exposes the brutality of what is going on in Taiji in Japan and even the clip that was shown on Oprah made my stomach churn. I was lucky enough to be swimming in Hawaii with wild dolphins two years ago and that magical moment will stay with me forever, yet it has somewhat been tarnished by what is going on with dolphins around the world.

I wouldn't say I am an animal activist but I do believe in animal rights. I am as a person a protector, I need to protect. I am not strong, but I am with a 100 voices around me. I remember back in college doing my best to save the Lynx from extinction because so many were being killed for their fur. I loved that marketing project it gave me some sanity and it felt good to be part of that orgainzation. I have a strong desire to protect pit bulls, a breed that is over bred and is often found in the hands of abusive owners. But dolphins please, tell me one person that doesn't want to protect a dolphin (oh besides the Japanese). To top it off these dolphins aren't the only ones that are dying. The smallest know porpoise in the World the Vaquita is on the verge of extinction because of being caught in fishing nets. I was told this last week by a man holding a wooden version of the Vaquita at a bicycle race of all places, he is desperately trying to find anyone who can help this animal. One of the main things you can do he told me was, when buying shrimp ask where its come from. Places like Whole Foods know exactly where their meat and fish comes from or buy from a fishmonger (I know there aren't to many left these days, another dying breed).

What can you do? You can be one of the 100 voices that stand beside me, go to these links below and write a letter to stop them from hunting these beautiful creatures. It will take you 5 minutes and feel great about helping even if it is in a very small way. In fact instead of commenting use that time to start your letter.